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NAME: Becky
Age: 17
Gender: female
Likes:  my dog, television, cooking, reading, just being outside, making sarcastic jokes, and  spending time with my little brother
Dislikes:  dishonest people, snobby people, my father, talking behind other people's backs, tension headaches and math
Hobbies: reading, writing in my livejournal, embarassing my friends by acting stupid on purpose, hiding from my messed up family
Talents: I can cook really good,  speed read, write songs and poetry
Strong points:  my sense of humor (other people may disagree),  my loving nature towards animals
Weak points:  temper, lack of patience, my handwriting is horrible, bad at making friends(but the ones i do make last forever...so far)
Favorite Books: Interview with a vampire by Anne Rice,  and Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Favorite Class in School: any thing but math
Optimistic or pessimistic:  leaning towards pessimistic
Impulsive or think things through: Impulsive
Outgoing or shy:  outgoing
Mature or Immature:  Immature
Leader or follower: leader
Favorite character:  Wilson because anyone who can deal with House is a saint
Least Favorite chatacter:  Amber she just got on my nerves
Any other pertinent info:  ABC it's easy as 123,and i hope this community is still working
I see a Chase
I feel a little bit of Cuddy.