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Name: Ozbourne will do; I prefer not to use real names online.
Age: Over twenty, that's all you get.
Gender: The kind with the bits that don't dangle.

Likes: Art, crafts, fashion and fashion design, mythology and folklore, the occult, fantasy, video and computer games, medical shows, reality shows (not the dating ones, but I like Survivor, America's Next Top Model, American Idol, etc.), bubble baths, long walks, blue jeans, bare feet, shiny objects, my privacy, reptiles, felines, butterflies, fresh fruit
Dislikes: Backstabbers and traitors, early mornings "morning" people, overly perky people, clingy people, romance, public displays of affection, homophobes, cruelty to animals, invasions of my privacy, personal questions, people who try to push their beliefs on you, high-waisted anything, short-shorts, socks

Hobbies, things you like to do in your spare time: Knitting, sewing, drawing, reading, surfing the Internet (usually consists of browsing random crap on Wikipedia, being snarky on message boards, and posting in LiveJournal), watching TV and movies, doing logic puzzles, taking long walks.
Talents: I'm quite good at the aforementioned craft type things, I'm good at some video games (namely puzzle games, combat games, and Pokemon), I'm an OK singer, not a bad cook, good at word puzzles, nearly ambidextrous, and have odd talents like writing backwards in cursive and crying on cue.

Strong Points: I'm determined, independent, unique, creative, analytical, ambitious, loyal to those I feel deserve it, generally honest, stuff listed under "Talents", spontaneous, dominant, have a decent (albeit often quite snarky) sense of humour (which I tend to use as a coping mechanism so it could also kind of go in "weak points"), and am usually pretty good at comebacks.
Weak Points: I'm very distrustful (leading me to keep a lot of my real feelings and personal information to myself), have a bad temper, am pessimistic and prone to depression and brooding, am completely unromantic and do not think I'm even capable of romantic love, have very little patience, can be very chaotic, am unforgiving and hold grudges a long time, can be very vengeful even if it's only in my own mind, am easily bored, can have a bit of a sadistic streak, and my immune system sucks so I get sick quite a bit.

Favorite Book: the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and 1984.
Favorite Class in school (even if you’ve graduated): Art and chemistry. Odd combo, but I found both to be really interesting.

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimistic.
Impulsive or Think Things Through: I think things through when it's something involving other people, otherwise I can be pretty impulsive.
Outgoing or Shy: Not "shy" in that to me shyness implies a timidity. I'm not timid around people, I'm just really introverted and don't really like being around them.
Mature or Immature?: Usually fairly mature, but I've got my moments.
Leader or Follower?: Loner who takes on a reluctant leader sort of role.

Favorite Character and Why?: Foreman, because I like how he's overcome adversity and really improved himself.
Least Favorite Character and Why?: Really didn't like Amber at all, because she reminded me a bit too much of someone I've had the misfortune of knowing. I appreciate her ambition but not her cutthroat bitchy-ness.
Any other pertinent info?: I... hope this comm isn't dead?
I kinda feel a Chase vibe. :)
I feel Foreman.
Oh, 13, definitely. Very very very 13.