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Name: can't give out

Likes:Public Speaking,friends,singing,my youth group,family
Dislikes:hypocrasy,dishounesty,injustice,unfair people,mean people

Hobbies, things you like to do in your spare time:talk with my friends,and practice for a play I have to do in Public Speaking
Talents:Public Speaking :),singing,sometimes acting

Strong Points:I'm kind,nice,easy to talk to,friendly,smart,amiable :)
Weak Points:I can be vain and immature,some one said i'm to sensitive,can be to polite

Favorite Book:I like the Sisters in Time book series
Favorite Class in school (even if you’ve graduated):hmmm.... Geography?

Optimistic or Pessimistic:optimistic I guess
Impulsive or Think Things Through:think things through,being impulsive is dangerious
Outgoing or Shy:outgoing :)
Mature or Immature?:right down the middle
Leader or Follower?:leader

Favorite Character and Why?: I like alot of them! :) Cameron,Chase and that other girl (forgot her name) I like most of them!
Least Favorite Character and Why?:House, he is kind of sarcastic
Any other pertinent info?no:

You said you were optimistic, liked public speaking, kind, amiable, easy to get a long with, and you like to be with your friends.

Yeah, yours just kind of screams Cameron.
I see Cuddy
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I see <b>Cuddy<b/b> in you, mostly for your strong and weak points. ^^
I think Cuddy for your either/or answers, likes/dislikes, and several of your strong/weak points.